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If running iLive Editor 1.72 or earlier, PL devices can be programmed in Offline mode, if running Editor 1.80 or above the PL devices must be connected to a MixRack in order for the device to be programmed, either using iLive Editor in Online mode o...
iDR-Switch, PL, output expander iDR-Out. Pager. Use one PL or iDR-Switch to trigger pager in two iDR units. Please Click Here [1] keywords: idr4 idr8 idrout idrswitch Links: ------ [1] across two units.pd...
For more information, please see the Microsoft PowerPoint document, available for download on the product pages for keywords - idr4, idr8, pl3, pl4, pl6, pl7, pl8, pl9, pl10, pl11, pl12 Links: ------ [1]
Trigger a preset recall in an iDR-4 or iDR-8 from an iLive system. PDF instructions: see attached iLive iDR-4 iDR-8 Recall an iDR-4 or iDR-8 preset from an iLive system. Includes PL-7 display of iLive status. keywords: idr4 idr8 pl7 pl-7
The PL Calculator is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that calculates the viability of a PL network. For more information see the "Using PL Calculator" pdf file available to download in the documents section on the product pages for iDR-4 [http://www.alle...
END OF CHAIN TERMINATION. As with any RS485 system, the last PL device needs to have a terminating resistor fitted to its output port. Early version PL-3 modules are shipped with a 100 ohm resistor already fitted. Leave this fitted only if the unit i...