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Sys-Link™ Compatability Chart
Posted by Ben Morgan, Last modified by on 25 March 2013 03:02 PM

The Master and Slave both require their own distinct Sys-Link™ option card. - 
Please see attached chart

If you have any questions please contact your dealer or local Allen & Heath distributor

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GL2/GL2S, GL2000, GL2200, GL2400,GL2800, GL3000, GL3300, GL3800, GL4, GL4000, GL4800, ML3000, ML4000, ML5000,
WZ14:4:2,WZ16:2, WZ20:8:2, WZ14:4:2+,WZ16:2DX, WZ12:2DX, WZ20S, WZ314:4:2, WZ316:2, WZ312:2,
WZ1442, WZ162, WZ2082, WZ1442+, WZ162DX, WZ122DX, WZ20S, WZ31442, WZ3162, WZ3122, XONE:464, XONE2:464, XONE464, XONE2464 X464 X2464
AH6552 AH4131



 syslink compatibility chart - july 2006.pdf (6.29 KB)