Why do my Qu-Drive recordings appear corrupt?
Posted by , Last modified by Martijn Verkerk on 31 July 2018 07:19 AM

The following procedure should only be attempted on a Windows based PC

Qu-Drive recordings can appear corrupt if the USB media is removed too early or the system loses power.

In this situation you can typically find yourself with eighteen .WAV files that report a length of 512/1K.

With Qu firmware 1.7+ you can recover the audio using the Windows based procedures below:

From the Windows Explorer (Highlight USB Media) > Right click > Select 'Properties' > Tools > Error-checking > Check now

Windows Error Checking

In the dialogue box that follows select the following:

Automatically fix file system errors: YES, Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors: NO.

Fix Dialogue

After running error-check, the files should appear to be the correct size, but still appear corrupt and will not load as .wav files (as they are still missing headers).

Using Audacity  choose File > Import > RAW Data using the parameters below. Import all tracks you want to recover in one Audacity session. Ie, import track 1. Import track 2. Import track 3 etc.

Audacity Import Dialogue

The files should now load correctly, after loading they must be saved as independent WAV files.

Go to File > Export Multiple. Choose “Other uncompressed files” as the Export Format, then click “options”, and choose Header: WAV (Microsoft), and Encoding “Signed 24 bit PCM” > Export.